This site is devoted to developing and promoting profitable horse racing and football systems and methods. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff. And you don't need me to tell you, there's an awful lot of chaff out there.

My name is Colin Golding and I've been interested in horse racing for over 30 years. In that time, I've seen tipsters come and go and have purchased dozens of systems all promising to be the way to gambling riches. Such a tipster or system dosen't exist. If you see a tipster or racing system promising results that seem too good to be true, run away very quickly. Don't believe the hype.

That said, there are tipsters and systems out there that do make a profit. Certainly, following such a tipster or system can be a more methodical approach to betting on horse racing and football, rather than just haphazardly picking selections at random, or by using 'guessing' methods such as going by the horse's name for example. As long as you realize that even the best tipsters and systems have bad days/weeks, and take the long term view that success or otherwise can only be measured over the long term, then your expectactions will be so much more realistic.

On this website, I'll be developing my own systems and methods of selecting potential winners and will share those selections with you so you can follow along with my progress. I'll also be reviewing other tipsters and methods available elsewhere and will share my conclusions and results from using them.

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Enjoy my website - and bet sensibly.

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